Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Soundcloud Update: Tunes, Mixes & More

First of all apologies for neglecting Juicy!'s Soundcloud Sundays for the past two weeks, i can assure you this was not intentional as two weeks ago we were wrapped up in finishing our promo mix and this sunday just gone we were hammering the interviews at Heavy Gossip & Musika's Day Of Rest. It will be back this sunday however!

Naturally, Soundcloud has been spewing out more content than the female population of newastle on a saturday night and after sifting through it, i've found some absolute gems i wanted to share with y'all...

First up, the group VillA (no, that's not a typo) of whom we at Juicy! are massive fans do monthly mixes. Reaching almost 1000 plays in a day is testament to just how good their tune selection and mixing is.
VillA 'in the mix' May 2011 by VILLA Soundcloud

The stand out tune for me in this mix is Todd Terje's new banger 'Ragysh'...

Todd Terje - Ragysh (Original Mix)

Second is track that lasts barely a minute but it's the one i was second most buzzed to find. Tensnake released this snippet, not sure what it's from, maybe a new single? maybe gauging people's reactions to an idea? Whatever it turns out to be it carries the undeniable old-school laced disco that has become his hallmark. Super exited to see what this turns into...
You Know I Know It (Snippet) by Tensnake

Third, a release from Jaymo & Andy George's Moda label. Mustang's storming downtempo remix of Monarchy's indie electro hybrid 'I Won't Let Go'...
Monarchy: I Won't Let Go (Mustang Remix) by itsmodamusic

Finally, to crown this Juicy! Soundcloud update we have the latest April 2011 Mix from none-other than Disco-don Vito, masquerading as Aeroplane.

I don't usually have much to say about the artists themselves but i really don't think Vito has the right to call himself Aeroplane. Not gonna lie, i love all the stuff he produces solo now aswell as back in the glory days of Aeroplane when it was Vito and Stefano, now The Magician. After they split, both their styles changed somewhat and only The Magician had the courage to re-brand the style of music he was creating. From what i've seen Vito is still riding the wave of popularity created during his partnership with Stefano albeit with a new sound. It almost feels as if Stefano has been shortchanged in this scenario and i don't like that because he's a fucking gent. Find out why here.

Enough of me chatting shit, here's Vito's latest mix and it's absolutley awesome.
Aeroplane April 2011 MIx by Aeroplane (Official)

And he was even kind enough to supply a tracklist...

1.Alex Winston - Sister Wife ( Moonlight Matters Remix )
2.Crimea X - Liubov ( Daniele Baldelli Remix )
3.Peter Visti - Be A Vise Man
4.Adele - Set Fire To The Rain ( Plastic Plates Remix )
5.Montauk - The Gum Thief
6.Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You ( Copacabana Remix )
7.B.C. x Delivery - Return To Me ( Munk Remix )
8.South West Seven - Absolute
9.Azari & III - Hungry For The Power ( Art Department Remix )
10.Shit Robot - Losing My Patience ( Unabombers Android Re-Fix )
11. Aeroplane - My Enemy ( Rex The Dog Remix )
12. Pro Logic - Stardust

Bill├ęt x

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