Saturday, 18 June 2011

Juicy! Summer Travels

Juicy! people, just to let you know that both me & jack are off on our travels, bumbling round eastern europe before smashing the legendary Exit festival in Serbia in early july. This does mean there'll be fuck all updates from us untill the 14th July when we get back, although no doubt we'll barely be in a fit state to even talk after 3 weeks of drinking and partying let alone blog! 

Billét x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Falcon Punch 001 - Mix

Quick post from me today, just wanted to share this awesome disco mix from you from Falcon Punch who are recieving loads of love on the blogs at the moment, perfect way to get you in the mood for summer...

Falcon Punch 001 by Falcon Punch

Get it here... Falcon Punch 001

1. Fire in My Heart - Escape from New York
2. Music Takes Me Up (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix) - Mr. Scruff
3. Velocity of Love (Hot Toddy Remix) - D-Pulse
4. Do You Believe (Vin Sol & Charles McCloud Remix) - Poolside
5. Nobody (Mitzi Remix) - Cassian
6. Where You'll Stay - Falcon Punch
7. Reckless With Your Love (Midnight Magic Remix) - Azari & III
8. All Night (Dublin Aunts Heart Filtering Edit) - Oliver
9. Abataka - David West & Ida Engberg (Tribal African Disco?! Such a tasty beat!)
10. Where Does Your Mind Go (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remix) - Beardyman
11. Macaque w/ Exodus Acapella - Drop Out Orchestra (feat. Bob Marley)

Billét x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bag Raiders - Snake Charmer

We don't usually post just about one song here on the Juicy! blog but for this banger i just had to make an exeption. Bag Raiders have always made really funky upbeat electro/disco that tended to be fairly bass heavy but with this tune they've really pulled it out of the bag (sigh)...

It's got everything, whistles, bells, bass and an unbelieveably catchy hook line, i got it yesterday and already i've listened to it about 20 times...

Get it here...

Bag Raiders - Snake Charmer

Billét x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Villa 'In The Mix' for June 2011

Disco gods villa, consisting of Thang and Francois are releasing monthly mixes which are generating significant hype on the web, with tracklistings released at the end of the month. May's edition featured stormers such as Todd Terje's Ragysh and Spiller's Pigeonman's Revenge before they dropped. Throughout the month people work out the tracklisting song by song, with every single one a guaranteed hit. Here it is in all its summer disco laced glory -

VillA 'in the mix' June 2011 by VILLA Soundcloud

Tracklisting so far-

John Talabot - Lamento
Shinichi Osawa - Sylkill
?? - ??
?? - ??
Mythical Beasts - Communicate (Alphabet City remix)
?? - ??
?? - ??
Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
Peter & The Magician - Twist
His Majesty Andre - Untitled Vinyl
Falcon - Honeymoon
His Majesty Andre - Diamonds

If you're a fan of this sort of disco then check out our new summer mix featuring Peter and The Magician's new smash twist, as featured by Villa and many more.

Peter & The Magician - Twist

Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) - Absolutely huge beat, Lindstrom and Prins Thomas's remixes never fail to deliver, definite 'Juicy! Juiciest Cut'

Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) by International Feel

Jack x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Juicy! Summer Mix & Tonti's Big Room Demo.

With summer having definitely arrived and it being a while since we dropped our promo mixes I decided to do a new mix, celebrating what I think is the finest music out there at the minute, with tracks from the likes of The Magician, Yuksek, Art Department, Soul Clap, Hot Natured, Pitto and many more. It's an hour and ten minutes of chilled out, sun-kissed house & disco to get you in the mood for the next few months of freedom (hopefully), give it a listen (up on mixcloud since our Soundcloud is now full) and let us know what you think:-


1. Will Saul & Tam Cooper - Hi-Lo (Art Department Remix)
2. Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Birthday (Pitto Instrumental Remix)
3. Azari & Iii - Into The Night (Prince Language Remix)
4. Coma - Fameless
5. Azari & Iii - Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix)
6. Julio Bashmore - Battle For The Middle You
7. Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician Remix)
8. Todd Terje - Ragysh
9. Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap - Beautiful Thang
10. Peter & The Magician - Twist
11. Camel - Jellyjazz (Mr Ho Remix)
12. Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (Tim Green Remix)
13. Guti - All The Girls
14. Hot Natured - Forward Motion Feat. Ali Love
15. Toddla T - Take It Back (The 2 Bears Remix)
16. Cajmere - Brighter Days (John Made Remix)
17. Nat Self - Madam Bazooka
18. Oliver S - Doin' Ya Thang

Next up a promo mix from Anton 'Tonti' Stalker, the lad who got me into DJing way back when we were 16 year olds, round at his house. He's delivered a beaut of a big room mix featuring tunes from dons of the scene such as Avicii, AN21, Max Vangeli and Michael Woods, as well as including the Juicy! bootleg of Tensnake & BBK and a cheeky edit of Journey, give it a listen and follow him on soundcloud for some of his fantastic bootlegs, ranging from liquid d'n'b to progressive house...

Tonti's Summer Mixtape (Future, Past & Present House & Club Vibes) --- Free Download by Tonti

My favourite of his bootlegs, a banger in the clubs for suuree - Tonti - I Said American Boy

And a few of my favourite current tunes:-

Say Yes To Another Success - Say Yes To Another Excess Bangerrr from the new collaboration between Stopmakingme and The C-90s, [Juicy! Juiciest Cut]

Nightriders - Hey (Nom De Strip Remix) - Ian had this in the archives but ever since Dirty Vegas dropped it in Princes Street Gardens we've been hammering it, a weapon for any DJ!

Nat Self - Madam Bazooka - featured in the mix, massive cut handed my way by none other than Tonti himself!

Stay locked to the blog for more of the same, including forays into production, with Ian currently holing himself away in his room with Ableton and Logic anything could happen.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Juicy! Presents... No. 19 Music

Today I want to introduce a record label that has been putting out some seriously good music from a while now from some producers we've been raving about like Soul Clap, Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, DJ Sneak and Art Department. Also interestingly the name No. 19 Music comes from the philosophy behind the label... 

"The No.19 brand/concept was created based on ideas expressed in article No.19 of the declaration of human rights - "Freedom of Expression". The principles and values underlying article 19 of this declaration - the protection of free expression are: promoting the search for truth, enhancing social and political participation, and enabling self-fulfillment and self-expression" 

Below are some tracks from the producers that they're championing at the moment...  

Miguel Campbell is a producer that prides himself on his french electro styled disco that is influenced heavily by early daft punk sounds and it's crazy good, perfect summer vibes.
Miguel Campbell - Metro Line by Gouranga

Miguel Campbell - The Metro Theory EP

Miguel Campbell - I Can't Get Enough

Also Soul Clap, who are signed to No. 19 have just released a compilation album called Social Experiments 002 featuring a shit ton of new music from pretty much everyone from the label, it's absolutely amazing. Higlights include... James Teej - Galaktik, Miguel Campbell - Kiss & Tell, Deniz Kurtel - The L Word. If you're looking to get into the deepish underground house you'll do no better than getting this compilation...

Get it here... Soul Clap - Social Experiments 002

Billét x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Juicy! May 2011 Chart.

The month has reached its end and me and Ian are getting ready to return to Carlisle's Concrete tonight, off the back of sets at Heavy Gossip amongst others over the past few months. With a whole summer ahead of us this is a chart drenched in Sun, hopefully from Eastern Europe and the carnage of Exit to the equally wild, but slightly colder, North East of England:-

1. Azari & III - Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix)

2. Peter & The Magician - Twist

3. Toddla T - Take It Back (2 Bears Remix)

Toddla T - Take It Back (The 2 Bears Remix) by The 2 Bears

4. Miguel Campbell - Metro Line

5. Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician Remix)

6. Cajmere - Brighter Days (John Made Remix)

7. Gadi Mizradi & Soul Clap - Beautiful Thang

8. Hot Natured featuring Ali Love - Forward Motion.

9. Butch - Ice Cream

10. 2 Bears - Bearhug

Enjoy and give us any feedback, send us your charts and while you're at it check Toddla T & Cloud's mini chart's they did for us here. Stick around for a new summer mix from the Juicy! DJs, give us a follow on Twitter too for updates on new blog posts and forthcoming gigs.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Juicy! - The Red Bull Mixtape w/Toddla T & Clouds


We've been quiet on the blogging front over the past week, and for good reason. Exams are over, summer has offically began, the countdown to Exit festival has started and the Juicy! DJs got invited down to London by Red Bull to cover a project they're working on...

The Red Bull Mixtape Vol. 1.

The idea behind it is really quite simple, take 9 of the most promising up & coming artists representing each area of the UK, throw them in a state of the art studio with Steel City's Toddla T, compress it all into a Mixtape for free download over a period of 10 days then spray it all over the internet.

What do you get? Probably one of the most exiting musical projects we've seen in a long time.

After having got completley wired off all the free Red Bull we could drink, we stole some time with two producers making some serious waves within the techno scene, hailing from Perth but now based in Edinburgh...  Clouds

We talk about all sorts of stuff, getting signed to Fake Blood's Label Blood Music, getting headhunted by Tiga's Turbo label, how their heavy party techno mixes with Toddla's dancehall vibes, exciting pints of beer and why they'd love to hear Daft Punk play tunes from an old jukebox in their local working man's club. Listen to it below...

We've also started to ask everyone we interview for their current top 3 tunes they're hammering out in their sets...

Clouds Top 3...

Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback - As If Dubs

Altern8 - Frequency (Djedjotronic Edit)

Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Len Faki's Podium Mix)

Next up, we got the pleasure of meeting DJ/broadcaster/producer, none other than the self titled 'boom DJ from the steel city'... Toddla T

Not gonna lie, he's a gent, and nuts, and this is one of the funniest interviews we've done to date. We get the low down from him on all sorts of stuff, his label Girl Music, his collaboration with Roska - Toddska, where he's looking forward to playing the most over the summer, why he likes to drink Guiness and Red Bull, eating waffles and chicken and finally who would win in a fight between Toddla T & Mr T.

I swear we chat more and more shit each interview, check it out for yourselves...

Toddla T Top 3...

Des Demure - Variable

Toddla T - Take It Back (2 Bears Remix)

David Heartbreak - Chavvi

Stay glued to the Juicy! blog and we'll post all about the Red Bull Mixtape when it gets properly released along with loads of photos and videos from the whole 10 days. We didn't get a sneak preview of the tracks they were producing so we're super exited to hear what each collaboration has turned out like!

Big thanks to Leroy, Nick, Shannon, Mike and everyone else at Red Bull and of course Toddla T and Clouds for being such gents.

Remember to follow us on... Facebook & Twitter for all the latest and greatest in tunes, interviews, news and patter....

Billét x