Friday, 3 June 2011

Juicy! - The Red Bull Mixtape w/Toddla T & Clouds


We've been quiet on the blogging front over the past week, and for good reason. Exams are over, summer has offically began, the countdown to Exit festival has started and the Juicy! DJs got invited down to London by Red Bull to cover a project they're working on...

The Red Bull Mixtape Vol. 1.

The idea behind it is really quite simple, take 9 of the most promising up & coming artists representing each area of the UK, throw them in a state of the art studio with Steel City's Toddla T, compress it all into a Mixtape for free download over a period of 10 days then spray it all over the internet.

What do you get? Probably one of the most exiting musical projects we've seen in a long time.

After having got completley wired off all the free Red Bull we could drink, we stole some time with two producers making some serious waves within the techno scene, hailing from Perth but now based in Edinburgh...  Clouds

We talk about all sorts of stuff, getting signed to Fake Blood's Label Blood Music, getting headhunted by Tiga's Turbo label, how their heavy party techno mixes with Toddla's dancehall vibes, exciting pints of beer and why they'd love to hear Daft Punk play tunes from an old jukebox in their local working man's club. Listen to it below...

We've also started to ask everyone we interview for their current top 3 tunes they're hammering out in their sets...

Clouds Top 3...

Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback - As If Dubs

Altern8 - Frequency (Djedjotronic Edit)

Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Len Faki's Podium Mix)

Next up, we got the pleasure of meeting DJ/broadcaster/producer, none other than the self titled 'boom DJ from the steel city'... Toddla T

Not gonna lie, he's a gent, and nuts, and this is one of the funniest interviews we've done to date. We get the low down from him on all sorts of stuff, his label Girl Music, his collaboration with Roska - Toddska, where he's looking forward to playing the most over the summer, why he likes to drink Guiness and Red Bull, eating waffles and chicken and finally who would win in a fight between Toddla T & Mr T.

I swear we chat more and more shit each interview, check it out for yourselves...

Toddla T Top 3...

Des Demure - Variable

Toddla T - Take It Back (2 Bears Remix)

David Heartbreak - Chavvi

Stay glued to the Juicy! blog and we'll post all about the Red Bull Mixtape when it gets properly released along with loads of photos and videos from the whole 10 days. We didn't get a sneak preview of the tracks they were producing so we're super exited to hear what each collaboration has turned out like!

Big thanks to Leroy, Nick, Shannon, Mike and everyone else at Red Bull and of course Toddla T and Clouds for being such gents.

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Billét x

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