Friday, 6 May 2011

Juicy! Interviews: Sinden, Dillon Francis & Judge Jules

It's been a mentally busy week here at Juicy! we've had interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, we've chilled, partied and met the likes of Diplo and as per usual revision has been sacraficed. Just to pre-warn you lot this blog will go a bit quiet in the coming weeks as we stumble through our exams.  

But enough, let's crack on with the important stuff... 
Last night (5th May) saw the people behind the Red Bull Music Academy bring an absolutely storming line-up to Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms. Major Lazer and Mad Decent co-founder Diplo headlined with support coming from Mega Mega Mega player and Kiss FM broadcaster Sinden as well as LA based moombathon champion Dillon Francis.  

Dillon kicked off proceedings, simmering at 110bpm, getting the groove going in a way only moombathon can. Quick note, Dillon opened with a tune that sent me absolutely wild, Nero - Me & You (Danger Remix), Kit posted it ages ago and it's the best nero remix out there. Sinden & Diplo rocked up about 12 just in time for the start of Sinden's set. 

As expected he brought the crowd up another couple of notches in his trademark style that has gained him so much attention on Kiss FM. For me, The Count & Sinden's 'Panther' was a real stand out tune in his set and the crowd reacted in a similarly animalistic way. After Sinden, Diplo took to the decks. 

I don't like to gush but that man has some mad skills. What really impressed me was how he kept the crowd guessing, he'd be hammering some really underground primitive dutch whilst teasing in Lil' Wayne's 'A Milli', of what i saw of his set my favourite bit was when he mixed in Missy Elliot's old school classic 'Get Your Freak On' into Afrojack's mix of Pon De Floor. Wild.  

After Sinden's set, the carnage began. What was supposed to be a calm, serious 10:30pm chat with Sinden turned into drunken 2am patter with not only Sinden but Dillon Francis, Clouds, their tour manager and the lovely people behind Red Bull Music.  

It was fairly wild and we found some interesting stuff but i don't want to spoil the interview...  
Moving on to our shenanegans in the day on thursday when we got the pleasure of a phone interview with none other than Judge Jules. 

Whilst he's not really our genre, it was amazing to interrogate a DJ, broadcaster and producer who's been smashing the scene for so many years now, he's doing his 12th year of residencies at Eden, few can make a more impressive claim than that. 

I don't know what it is but we always get some interesting results from our interviews, prepare to hear about how he goes about searching for new music, why he feels like a door-to-door salesman, having Pippa Midleton & Prince Harry on the decks, why he'd like to chill with Mario Ballotelli & the Dalai Lama and why his ideal night out would include sipping snakebite on a park bench. 

Find out more about Judge Jules and his legendary Ibiza residencies here...

Massive thanks to Judge Jules, Diplo, Sinden, Dillon Francis, everyone from Red Bull Music and all the management who made these interview possible, they were deffinetley worth all the effort!

Billét x

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