Sunday, 22 May 2011

Danny Byrd Interview - Hospitality In Edinburgh!

I dunno what it is but i always seem to fuck up when we're getting our photo taken with a big name! Anyway last night Hospital records invaded Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms with heavyweights Danny Byrd, Cyantific, Logistics, MC Darrison & MC Risky. It was a fitting post exams blow out, i've not seen a place go as nuts as that for a long time! 

Danny Byrd was kind enough to let us interview him after his set, unfortunatley we couldn't use Liquid Rooms' office so we found a nice damp urine riddled step across the street from the club, classy. However we did get a class interview, we got Danny's opinions on subjects like his production influences, his plans for the summer, the advantages of a slap head over a full head of hair, the chuckle brothers and old bosses that have sacked him! 

Listen to it here... 
Big thanks to Xplicit for hosting the night and of course Hospital records for just tearing the place up!

Billét x

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