Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Juicy! DJs - BBC Introducing


Here at the Juicy! blog we like to keep you up to date with all our goings on and this one is a bit special. Some of you might know i'm originally from Carlisle, i love the place but there's never much going on untill Radio 1 announced they were bringing the cream of modern music's crop of talent to an airfield 5 mins from my house. 

But that isn't the best bit. 

Throughout the week leading up to it, loads of R1 DJs are living in and around carlisle and they're throwing a series of free parties to mark the occasion. The one everyone want to go to is on thursday night at Concrete, free party, first come first served. It's gonna be ram-jammed. I've been asked to play, not sure of the set time quite yet but Jack's heading down with me as well. 

Guaranteed to be an absolutely wild night so get down early.  

Naturally we can't leave you without any tunes so here's a delicious lil' remix... 

Billét x

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