Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jamie Jones - Celebrating 6000 hits in style.

Firstly I'd like to thank each and everyone of you from the UK to Ukraine (we're worldwide now) for taking us to 6,000 hits, hopefully it's a continuing upward trend as the Juicy! blog brings you more of the freshest beats, mixes, clubbing news and interviews.

Secondly the Juicy! show will be airing this Friday, fresh from interviewing Sinden the previous day. We will be playing out the interview on air as well as banging out some of our biggest tunes and going in the mix live on air for the first time this year, giving you a taster of what we think is going to be filling the clubs this year, if our promo mixes weren't enough for you.

To celebrate hitting 6000 we've got a treat and a half for you, Jamie Jones on the remix of the new sultry, disco masterpiece from Azari & iii, this is a tune for after, afterhours, one of the best, yet darkest things I've heard:-

If you're a fan get down to The Liquid Rooms on May 15th for Musika to see Jamie Jones for what promises to be a phenomenal night.

And as a bonus, to celebrate Jesse Rose's announcement for Karnival on 27th August, here's a gem of his given the remix treatment by the master that is Mason:-

Juicy x

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