Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Morning Disco

Got some disco gems to brighten up your saturday morning, getting you kickstarted for the week ahead, whether you're hitting Jaymo & Andy George on Thursday then Alex Metric on Saturday in Edinburgh or whether you're getting on it elsewhere, these should put you in the mood, here we go.....

Bird Peterson - Pete Goes Off - fidget house breakdown but the build is straight up disco

Treasure Fingers - Lift Me - Fools Gold disco wizards Treasure Fingers deliver yet again

Breakbot - Shades of Black - The cream of the crop, Breakbot delivers yet again, taken from the Ed Banger compilation ' Let the Children Techno' which you can get your hands on here, do not miss out!

Thats all for today, have a sick weekend and keep on Juicy! for all the latest and greatest from the worlds of house, disco, techno, liquid and maybe even a bit of nu-garage and funky, as well as some BIG news on exclusive tracks we're getting our hands on and interviews and potential live sessions with names so big me and Ian will struggle to stop ourselves drooling, its gonna be a biiiig one.



  1. Nu-disco died a long long time ago... :(

  2. Haha still a massive fan myself, alll about Tensnake, Breakbot, Aeroplane etc