Sunday, 10 April 2011

Round Table Knights - Say What?! (Album)

If you've ever listened to one of our Juicy! Shows you'll have probably heard a Round Table Knights tune or we'll have talked about how amazing they are. So you'll understand how exited we got when they released their debut album 'Say What?!' on Made To Play. 

Simply put, it's amazing. They have this ability to take snippets from ever genre and stitch it up to make something entirely new and exiting, the best thing is you never know what you're going to get from their next release! Get it here... 

01. Intro
02. Old Fashioned
03. Say What feat. Ogris Debris
04. Paparussi
05. Short Skit
06. Cut to the Top feat. Reverend Beat Man   (Big)
07. Stomper    (Bigger)
08. Cherry Pie
09. Cat Power
10. All Night Feat. Ghostape
11. Elder Syrup
12. Why Be Serious
13. Drop the Dow (Bigger Still)
14. Calypso   (BIGGEST)

Billét x

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