Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Juicy's Soundcloud Sundays #4


Many apologies for being a whole two days late, but better late than never! Not gonna lie i'm nursing a horrific hangover at the moment and sweating vodka simultaneously so this week's Soundcloud Sundays is going to be short and sweet. 

#5 Grandtheft - Let Me Out (U-Tern Remix) 
Remeber U-Tern's fantastic disco remix of Mark Ronson's Bang Bang Bang? Well he's back with this brand new remix and it's absolutely killing it, he seems to have this ability to bring the best elements of classic disco into his productions. Such a funky beat. 
Grandtheft - Let Me Out feat. Alixe Turner (U-Tern Remix) by U-Tern

#4 Ell-Er - Overheating
Next up is some seriously deep berlin tech vibes with a twist. Ell-Er, by taking tech house back to 120ish bpm, has created something awesome and strangely danceable.
Ell-Er - Overheating (Original Mix) Teaser by Ell-Er

#3 Synkro & Indigo - Reflection
Next up is something a bit different. 'Reflection' is half ambient soundscape and half minimal D'n'B. The breakdown and subsequent build up are amazing and you're really caught off guard when the subbass comes back in, phenomenal.
Synkro & Indigo - Reflection - EXIT 031 - AA by Exit Records UK

#2 D.Ramirez & Kristoph - Feeling High
If you're a Juicy regular you'll know just how much me and Jack love anything toolroom knights do and D.Ramirez's new banger is no different. He always creates these amazing collages of sound from loads of different samples yet retains an innate funkiness in everything he produces.
D.Ramirez & Kristoph - Feeling High PREVIEW by toolroomrecords

#1 Breakbot - Fantasy Feat. Ruckazoid
Number one this week was an absolute no brainer. Breakbot's last production 'Shades of Black' released through Ed Banger's Let The Children Techno compilation is easily one of my top tunes for the year and this follows in the same vein.
Breakbot - Fantasy (feat. Ruckazoid) by Mr. TMS

Billét x

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