Friday, 12 August 2011

Juicy! Loves: Greco-Roman

I don't know just why it's taken me so long to get all over the anglo/german Greco-Roman label but without doubt it's one of the most exiting and forward thinking out there. The cream of the emerging electronic talent like Joe Goddard (The 2 Bears & Hot Chip), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Drums of Death and Hackman have all released on Greco-Roman so keep your eye on it in the future. Also all the artists combine on the label to DJ under the guise Greco-Roman Soundsystem, i'd fooking love to catch them live sometime. Check below for some of their releases, not the usual Juicy! craic but it's good to spread your wings every now and then...

Joe Goddard - 'Gabriel' (feat Valentina) by Greco-Roman

Hackman - Close by Greco-Roman

Enchante - Reggay FREE DOWNLOAD by Greco-Roman

Catch Greco-Roman on their Website / Facebook / Resident Advisor

Billét x

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