Monday, 8 August 2011

Belladrum 2011

The majority of the summer's antics are over bar creamfields, me & jack are back and the run-up to the start of uni is well and truly on. From here on in we're just gonna be getting hyped for second year, slotting into our residencies, getting back on the airwaves and spending the majority of fresher's desperately trying to creep on below average birds.  

But first, I travelled farther north than ever before to the middle of nowhere scotland to DJ at Belladrum Festival... 


The We Own lads were hosting the Mother's Ruin stage, which turned out to be a tiny DJ booth lofted 20 feet above the rubble of an old house with a 30k Elektrikal system hoyed in for fun, easily the best location i've played to date. I was spinnin' as the sun set 9 - 10:30 on the Saturday and despite the pissing rain, the scots were true to their nature, chanting 'HERE WE, HERE WE, HERE WE FUCKING GO' at any given chane. It was baaannngggiin'....  (iphone cameras are shit quality but you get the idea)

Here's some of the tunes i was hammering through the Eleltrikal system, anyone who's been to one of their events knows it's all about the bass! 

Heavy Feet - I Will (Original Mix) easily my fave tune of this summer, massive grooving bassline makes your feet move. 

Loops of Fury - We Unfold (Original Mix) (can't find a d/l link i'm afriad!) thought this was Waves by Boys Noize & Erol at first, it's crazy good. 

Jaymo & Andy George - Midnight (Original Mix) from their Tension EP, massive fakeblood-esque bassline driven electro.  

Get Hooked (DCUP Remix) - Nightriders  Proving once more he's got so much more than cheap Americano tunes.  

Stress (Auto Remix) - Justice Proper old but sent the place crazy.

Dribble - Muffler Finally, the curveball at the end, brand spanking new D'n'B from Hospital records new compilation. 

Big Thanks to the We Own (facebook) crew and the Elektrikal Sound System crew for throwing down such a crazy party. 

Billét x

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