Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tim Green - Cherry

If you're anything like a regular user of this blog then you'll know how wild I go for anything Tim Green touches, from his early work like 'Old Sunshine' and 'Make Me' with Emerson Todd as well as his huge remix of Cassius '99' through to the more recent stuff like his pumping remix of Argy's 'Unreliable Virgin' and the phenomenal 'Lemon' and it's safe to say he's not bucking the trend anytime soon. His new jam is a disco infused tech-house banger, 'Cherry'. Without a doubt one of my favourite tunes of this year and sure to be a staple in our sets over the coming few months, check it out below:-

Tim Green - Cherry (Rebellion) [Pre-release Preview] by timgreen

Its released on an offshoot of Damian Lazarus's excellent Crosstown Rebels imprint, called 'Rebellion', you need this in your life, go out and get it and, if you're anything like me, then sit in your room with it on repeat!

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