Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ron May, Monkey Safari, Foamo & J.Philip...

It's just under 2 weeks until radio broadcast starts back and we're both getting anxious to slot back into Fresh Air's Friday line-up. So to tide you over until the show starts back here are a few tunes and a mix...

Ron May - Limpopo (Original Mix)

This is some really funky tech house, reminds me alot of Ray Foxx's 'The Trumpeter' which was massive not too long ago. Don't know much about this guy but he uses loads of flutes and trumpets in this tune, absolute banger.

Monkey Safari - Son (Original Mix)

Monkey Safari are two German producers from Halle with some groovin deep/funky disco house vibes and they've just come out with this really chilled release 'Son'

Foamo - Ocean Drive (Original Mix)

Foamo - Celestial (Original Mix)

Next up are two real curve balls from Foamo. Although he was a pioneer of the fidget/bassline movement, both of these tune have a real balkan feel to them. The massive basslines are still there but are no longer the focus of the track, i sincerely hope this is his taste maturing because i'm loving what i'm hearing

Finally is a mix i picked up on Resident Advisor a while back, some absolutely amazing deep tunes in there, well worth a listen...
Om:cast 18 - J.Phlip 'i luv u 4 eva' by OmRecords

Bill├ęt x

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