Monday, 28 March 2011

Juicy! DJs Debut & Alex Metric in Edinburgh

Thought it deserved its own post, after ages we've finally got sorted on some production, this was featured on the last Juicy! show of the year (listen back here), its our first dabble and we've started with some mellow tech-house vibes. I dropped it at Sugarbeat last Friday to an excellent response, if I wasn't mistaken I may have seen Jez from the Utah Saints nodding along.....

Anyway here it is, download, enjoy, spread the love and give us any feedback you fancy:-

In other big news Alex Metric has just been announced to play Liquid Rooms on 23rd April, get on it! He released a new mix last month, have a listen to get you in the mood for what should be epic, anyone who listens to the Juicy! show knows me and Ian absolutely love the guy, have a deeks here:-

We will be doing all we can to get an interview with the man himself, hang on for that!


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