Monday, 31 January 2011

Jack's 2011 Promo Mix

We've just been confirmed in our same time slot this term on FreshAir which is clearly massive news, so tune in this Friday at 830 for more brand new tunes and slightly less good quality patter.

I've finally got round to recording a promo mix for myself, so hopefully you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from the Juicy! boys out and about over the next few months. Its meant to encapsulate a whole night out, starting out with funky disco and electro pop before getting progressively harder and more in your face, check it out here, any feedback appreciated.

This features my first Juicy! Bootleg which I'll be posting later, to back up the monsters which Ian has been making and posting, which are available here and here, I'd strongly recommend you get your hands on them and play them out, safe to say they're large.

Finally you can catch me DJing this Friday at the final Fuse at the Lane with the giant that is Congorock, get involved for what promises to be a farewell to remember x

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