Saturday, 16 July 2011

Strip Steve - Summer Nights Mix

So we're back. Exit was absolute carnage, we got Aoki's rave raft and a mate of our was almost killed by a dragon. No joke.

I've got a massive exit post in the works that i'll drop tomorrow sometime, it's just taking an absolute age to put together because there's literally so much to put in it. But when i was getting back into the loop of all things musical i stumbled across this mix from 20 year old french house/techno wizz kid who's been tearing up the scene recently. I was a bit skeptical at first as i assumed it would just be nonesensical heavy techno but oh my daiizzz i was blown away by the majority of the tracks... especially his new tune 'Freaks' which is on BNR's Miami Noize 2011 compilation and i'm still trying to get my dirty mitts on it.

Deffo worth a listen...

Strip Steve 2011 Summer Nights mix by Strip Steve

Strip Steve - Freaks (it's a bit fucked up but a banger nonetheless)

MIAMI NOIZE 2011 - The Freaks by Strip Steve

Bill├ęt x

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