Monday, 6 December 2010

Feel Good Big Room House

Sooo exams are quickly approaching and getting back revision reminds me how badly it sucks. So to pick up my (and your) spirits here's a selection of massive feel good house anthems.

The only option is to play these loud...

Funkagenda - Lmaoblade (Original Mix)  - i just can't get enough of that breakdown with that synth/string combination at 4:00 and the build-up that follows.

Chris Lake Ft. Nastala - If You Knew (Original Mix) - Just spent an hour watching videos of how this track was produced, Chris Lake is an absolute hero.

DJ Groover feat. Jelena Milosev - At Night (Viento & Mutti Remix) - This is one of the tunes me and Jack didn't quite have time for on last Friday's Juicy! Radio Show. LOVE. THIS.

Mark Knight - Devil Walking (Original Mix) - Laidback techy brilliance.

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